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Woodoc 30 on Garden Room Cedar Cladding


Woodoc exterior products perform incredibly well on Cedar, a popular choice for cladding.

Cedar is rich in natural oils which prevent moisture ingress deep into the wood. The cladding surface however is exposed to the elements and will turn grey with weathering within a few months due to the surface lignin breaking down. When damp, mould can then grow on the wood leaving black marks and streaks. This often spoils the look of the buildings within a few months of completion.

In order to retain the natural colour of the wood it is necessary to protect it, however the very oils and resins that make cedar so popular for cladding, make it difficult to protect with traditional oils or varnishes. Oils tend to be pushed out of the wood over time and varnishes tend to flake or crack.

Woodoc exterior products, Woodoc 30, Woodoc 50 / 50 Matt and Woodoc Wood Dressing have been tested on cedar and they perform very well. The products become porous after about 1 month when the smell of the cedar wood can be detected again.

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