Wood Care and Maintenance
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Protecting Wooden Kitchen Worktops May 30 2019

How to protect wooden kitchen worktops with Woodoc.

A Little Warmth for the Winter December 14 2018

Make a decorative centerpiece using fallen leaves and winter foliage and Woodoc 25W.

Bring out the best in your wooden garden furniture August 16 2018

Are you enjoying the amazing weather this summer? Why not treat you wooden garden furniture to some Woodoc and bring out its natural beauty. Whether you want a high gloss or matt sealed look, or a natural oiled look we have the product to make it look fantastic while protecting it from the sun and rain.

  • For a high-gloss finish use Woodoc 50.
  • For a matt/satin finish use Woodoc 50 Matt.
  • For an oiled finish use Woodoc Wood Dressing.
  • Use Woodoc Patio to clean and maintain the wood.

Image: the image in this post is a teak table top finished with Woodoc Wood Dressing and rubbed with Stainless Steel Wool and Woodoc Patio to give a rich patina and silky smooth finish.


Maldives Kodhipparu Resort using Woodoc opens June 15 2017

We are very excited to share some pictures of the beautiful 5-star Kodhipparu Resort which opened this month in the Maldives. The resort has been built for the Park Hotel Group by T & B Log Homes of Knysna, South Africa. The wood used in the project was all treated with Woodoc. Two coats were applied in the factory with a third coat applied on-site. Woodoc 50 Matt and Wood Dressing were used on the exterior wood and Woodoc 25 Matt was used on all interior floors and joinery.

Villa View

Exterior view of one of the 110 sea-front villas.


View from one of the Grand Residence suite villas.


View of the master bedroom in a Grand Residence villa.


Aerial view of two Ocean Pool Water Villas.


View of the entire Kodhipparu Resort.

Woodoc Water-Borne Deck Sealer and Plus-Life Primer launch in Europe August 01 2016

Woodoc today launched its new water-borne deck sealer and plus-life primer in Europe.


The new sealer follows in the tradition of high-performance easy to use products that has always been a hallmark of Woodoc. Woodoc Water-Borne Deck Sealer creates a clear or tinted low gloss finish. It is a remarkably tough, wear- resistant deck sealer that protects wood from weathering due to UV and water ingress. Used in conjunction with the Woodoc Water-Borne Plus-Life Primer which binds to the lignin in the wood it performs outstandingly on all types of wooden decks and exterior woodwork Its main features are:


  • Excellent protection against wind,water, pollution and salt spray.
  • The tinted product provides extra protection against ultra-violet radiation under extreme conditions.
  • High build-up characteristic for a smooth and attractive low-gloss finish.
  • Penetrates wood,binds with it and lends a flexible yet strong and resistant surface finish.
  • Suitable for all types of wood.
  • Non-toxic once dry.
  • Does not affect glue.
  • Biodegrades at the end of its lifespan.


Woodoc Water-Borne Deck is available in Europe in:


  • Clear
  • Oak

  • Teak

  • Imbuia

Woodoc in Italy March 16 2016

We are delighted to announce that a selection of Woodoc products is now available in Italy through Legni Pregiati (www.legnipregiati.com/categoria-prodotto/prodotti-woodoc). Please visit their web site or contact Stefano at:

Tel. 0377 4442737

Email. info@legnipregiati.com

Abbiamo il piacere di annunciare che una selezione di prodotti Woodoc e' ora disponibile in Italia presso Legni Pregiati (www.legnipregiati.com/categoria-prodotto/prodotti-woodoc).

Si prega di visitare il sito o contattare Stefano al:

Tel. 0377 4442737

Email. info@legnipregiati.com

Free mainland UK shipping now available on orders over £50 November 19 2014

The Woodoc UK Webstore team are pleased to announce that we are now offering free UK mainland shipping on all orders over £50.


Woodoc interior products gain Toy Safety certification October 28 2013

We are pleased to announce that Woodoc interior products have been certified safe for use on toys according to the European EN71-3(2013) standard. In separate testing they have also been certified free of Phthalates.


Woodoc interior products can now be used in the knowledge that they meet the highest standards of product safety.

Woodoc 25W water-borne floor sealer launches in Europe September 13 2013

Woodoc today launched its new water-borne floor sealer in Europe at an event at The Paint Studio in Galway, Ireland.


The new sealer follows in the tradition of high-performance easy to use products that has always been a hallmark of Woodoc. Woodoc 25W creates a clear or white glossy or matt finish. It is a remarkably tough, wear- resistant floor sealer and lends a characteristic deep polished/natural matt look to floors. Its main features are:


  • Low-odour

  • Easy application

  • Water-, alcohol-, heat- and stain-resistant

  • Penetrates wood, binds with it and lends a flexible yet strong and resistant surface finish

  • Suitable for all types of wood

  • Non-toxic once dry

  • Does not affect glue

  • Does not yellow

  • Fills the grain of open-grained woods


Woodoc 25W comes in:

  • Clear Gloss

  • Clear Matt

  • White Gloss

  • White Matt