Wood Care and Maintenance
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A Little Warmth for the Winter December 14 2018

Make a decorative centerpiece using fallen leaves and winter foliage and Woodoc 25W.

Woodoc 25W water-borne floor sealer launches in Europe September 13 2013

Woodoc today launched its new water-borne floor sealer in Europe at an event at The Paint Studio in Galway, Ireland.


The new sealer follows in the tradition of high-performance easy to use products that has always been a hallmark of Woodoc. Woodoc 25W creates a clear or white glossy or matt finish. It is a remarkably tough, wear- resistant floor sealer and lends a characteristic deep polished/natural matt look to floors. Its main features are:


  • Low-odour

  • Easy application

  • Water-, alcohol-, heat- and stain-resistant

  • Penetrates wood, binds with it and lends a flexible yet strong and resistant surface finish

  • Suitable for all types of wood

  • Non-toxic once dry

  • Does not affect glue

  • Does not yellow

  • Fills the grain of open-grained woods


Woodoc 25W comes in:

  • Clear Gloss

  • Clear Matt

  • White Gloss

  • White Matt