Wood Care and Maintenance
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Buy Kitchen Worktop Wood Protection Online

Wooden kitchen worktops give a kitchen a warm, top-end look and feel, and are more forgiving than stone and hard surfaces. However they can be a challenge to maintain. Using oils requires regular reapplication and the surface is easily marked because oils don’t really give much protection. Varnishes can provide more protection but often look artificial. Luckily Woodoc offers products that solve both these problems.

All Woodoc products protect from water, heat (well in excess of 100 deg. C), alcohol and stains. Depending on the desired look and use there are 5 main products to recommend.

  • Woodoc 10 gives a rich oiled look and feel
  • Woodoc 20 is a high-gloss, tough finish suitable for high wear surfaces
  • Woodoc 25 matt gives a rich, matt finish suitable for commercial environments
  • Woodoc Water-borne Floor (25W) comes in gloss or matt finishes and gives a hard-wearing finish that hardly changes the wood colour  
  • Woodoc Ultra Matt gives a near-invisible finish with almost no change to wood colour. Works especial well on light woods such as Maple and White Oak