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Welcome to Woodoc, we are a leading international wood protection treatment company who started off in South Africa expanding rapidly in Australia and New Zealand. We have now joined the UK, Ireland and EU markets to bring you the finest water-resistant wood protection treatment on the market. Available to buy online and in select stores. There is simply nothing on the market that compares, and we want to share this with you.

In general, there are two types of wood protective treatments available in the UK, Oils and Varnishes. Wood Oils and Varnishes are two very different ways in which you can protect your interior and exterior wood each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Wood protection Oils soak deep into the wood offering a more natural look and can be treated easily but offer little protection from heat or stains and require frequent re-application. Wood Protective Varnishes on the other hand, offer high protection but leave the wood looking plastic as they sit ontop of the wood, so over time as the wood naturally moves, varnishes will crack and sometimes peel, meaning that it is difficult to retouch locally and the wooden surface will need sanding down of the entire area before a new coat is applied.

Our Woodoc water resistant wood protection treatments are a blend of wax and polymers which offer the best of both worlds as they look natural like an oil but offer the same protection as a varnish. As Woodoc penetrates the wood and binds to the fibres, the protective surface will move with the wood, it won’t peel, it will just wear out naturally. Furthermore, if there is an area that is particularly worn out by use, you can just rub it down and apply some more Woodoc, without needing to sand down the entire surface back to bare wood.

Our water-resistant wood protection covers a range of needs including furniture, decking, wooden kitchen worktops and wooden flooring. Customers love applying Woodoc to their wooden kitchen worktops as they can really enjoy the kitchen without any weekly oiling and without worrying about marking the wooden worktop. Woodoc gives them a natural oiled finish while making the counter water and stain proof, wine resistant and heat resistant up to 180 deg C. Our Woodoc Ultra Matt looks stunning on light woods such as White Oak, Maple and Sycamore – the wood looks bare but is fully protected from water, stains and heat.

Our Floor products cover all the possible needs, from restoring Victorian wooden floors in Victorian houses or flats and maisonettes, to providing the ultimate invisible water-resistant ultra matt finish for a London Mews renovation.

All our water-resistant protective treatments are single part and do not need any catalyst, making them amazingly easy to apply either for the professional decorator or the DIYer.

Our water-resistant exterior protective treatment products will enable you to achieve the finish you desire and are proven to work on difficult woods such a Cedar, and are widely used to treat Cedar Cladding. The Woodoc exterior range is UV-resistant and becomes microporous once cured so is able to cope with oily woods such as Cedar, Iroko, Balau etc as it enables the oils and resins to come to the surface while staying in place and providing the protection that the wood deserves.

Woodoc is Toy safe making it perfect for the craft enthusiast, who love our range of direct application Gel Stains.

As can be seen our wood protection treatment products will do it all, answering the wood treatment needs for any wood project in the UK, Ireland and Europe. We have specific treatments for each type of project, meaning that your wood protection will be specifically tailored for your needs. Don’t compromise, don’t oil it, don’t varnish it, Woodoc it!

If you would like more information on any of our water-resistant wood protection treatment products, then please contact us on 0800 228 9088. Alternatively, you can email us online at info@woodoc.eu and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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Woodoc are market leaders in their field and one of the only manufacturers and marketers concentrating solely on transparent wood protection and maintenance products.

The factory is situated in South Africa, where the products have become renowned for ease of use and exceptional quality. Woodoc products are now available in the UK and Europe and have already gained a loyal following amongst crafts people and wood turners.

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