Wood Care and Maintenance
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Woodoc Ultra Matt Interior Wood Finish


Woodoc Water-borne Ultra Matt is a unique product specifically designed to provide a nearly invisible tough finish on wood that is:

  • Water resistant
  • Alcohol and stain resistant
  • Heat resistant up to 150 deg C 

Woodoc Water-borne Ultra Matt is ideally suited for use on light woods such as White Oak, Larch, Maple etc. The picture below shows two blocks of Maple where it is almost impossible to discern the difference between the unfinished block (on the right) with the block finished with Woodoc Ultra Matt (on the left).


It can be used on darker woods, however for dark woods we would recommend Woodoc solvent based sealers as they provide more depth of finish while bringing out the colour and grain of the wood.

Woodoc Water-borne Ultra Matt can be used on all interior woods including floors, furniture, doors, joinery and wooden kitchen counters (See White Oak Kitchen Counter below).

Unlike traditional varnishes it does not yellow with age. Below is the result of finishing an oak table with Woodoc Ultra Matt after embellishing the grain with Ebony Colour in Woodoc Plus-life Primer.

Watch the video below to see how Woodoc Ultra Matt copes with red wine and coffee spillages:

Please note that due to the nature of the Ultra Matt product, its use on dark wood flooring may result in any scratches showing up more prominently. These can be easily touched up to restore the finish.

The Ultra Matt Story

We were challenged by our customers to develop a product that would be water resistant, alcohol resistant, heat resistant, tough and nearly invisible. Time and again we heard stories of intallations of very pale woods used in staircases, center-piece tables and sweeping floors where the customer loved the look until the finish was applied and the light, raw look disappeared. After more than five years of research and development, we are proud of our answer to this challenge: Woodoc Water-borne Ultra Matt. We are very excited to bring this to market and answer the needs of our most discerning customers.