Wood Care and Maintenance
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Decor - Stains and Colours

Woodoc Decor Products.

A full range of products to help you decorate and customise anything in wood. You can choose between our direct application products - Gel Stain range - or our full range of Colours and Stain Concentrates. We also have some Colour Testers so you can try on the wood to be treated before buying the full sized products for your project.

The Gel Stains offer complete control of the colour intensity, its build-up and its tone. This makes them a favourite with artists and craft people doing stencilling work (our Gel Stains do not bleed under masking tape or stencilling tape) or creating artistic works on wood.To protect the stained surface, it should be sealed using one of our Sealers from the interior range, with Woodoc 10 and Woodoc 25 waterborne Matt being popular choices amongst customers. 

For a easy-to-use finish that colours and seals at the same time, you can choose one of our 32 universal Colours or 8 Stain Concentrates (suitable for oil-based products only). These are added to the Woodoc sealer of choice (W5,W10, W20 or one of the our floor products) and then applied to the surface, colouring it and sealing it at the same time. Please note that our Colour and Stain concentrate range is semi-transparent and applying the coloured Woodoc sealer as per instruction will show the grain of the wood. The colours can be mixed together,for a more customised finish. It is quite easy to achieve a consistent colour in the finish and we are happy to give advice and tips on how to best achieve this. Just call or email us. Please remember to test the finish on a corner or an offcut to make sure that you are happy with the finish as the colour and texture of the wood will play an important role in the final look.