Wood Care and Maintenance
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Woodoc Gel Stain for wood and porous surfaces


Woodoc Gel Stain is a modern easy-to-use concentrated stain for wood. Spreads easily and evenly when applied. Gel Stain is available in a range of colours in wood and decorative tints.

The advantage of the gels stain is that it does not run on the surface and gives clean lines with masked areas. This makes it both easier (and less messy) to work with and gives better results when masking areas. It is also easy to control the intensity of the colour by applying multiple coats (each coat is dry enough for another coat in about 1 minute).

 Important Note:

The stained wood will need to be protected with a Woodoc solvent based or water-borne sealer and can be sealer once completely dry (typically after 1 hour of stain application).

Gel stain is not recommended for exterior use as the colour will fade with time in strong sunshine.