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Woodoc Water-Borne Deck Sealer and Plus-Life Primer launch in Europe August 01 2016

Woodoc today launched its new water-borne deck sealer and plus-life primer in Europe.


The new sealer follows in the tradition of high-performance easy to use products that has always been a hallmark of Woodoc. Woodoc Water-Borne Deck Sealer creates a clear or tinted low gloss finish. It is a remarkably tough, wear- resistant deck sealer that protects wood from weathering due to UV and water ingress. Used in conjunction with the Woodoc Water-Borne Plus-Life Primer which binds to the lignin in the wood it performs outstandingly on all types of wooden decks and exterior woodwork Its main features are:


  • Excellent protection against wind,water, pollution and salt spray.
  • The tinted product provides extra protection against ultra-violet radiation under extreme conditions.
  • High build-up characteristic for a smooth and attractive low-gloss finish.
  • Penetrates wood,binds with it and lends a flexible yet strong and resistant surface finish.
  • Suitable for all types of wood.
  • Non-toxic once dry.
  • Does not affect glue.
  • Biodegrades at the end of its lifespan.


Woodoc Water-Borne Deck is available in Europe in:


  • Clear
  • Oak

  • Teak

  • Imbuia