Wood Care and Maintenance
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Woodoc 25 Polyurethane Wooden Floor Sealer


Woodoc 25 is a high solids, clear high-performance polyurethane floor sealer suitable for application to all indoor wooden floors and stairs. Woodoc 25 is clear and comes in satin and matt finishes. Floors finished with Woodoc 25 are:

  • Water resistant
  • Alcohol resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Heat resistant to 180 Deg C
  • Toy safe (EN71-3 (2013))

As a solvent-based product W25 brings out the rich tones of the wood for a classic look and feel. Ideal for restoring wooden floors in historic and Victorian houses and properties. It is extremely durable and will give years and years of trouble-free use even in high-traffic commercial settings.

Woodoc 25 can also be used on other interior wood such as kitchen counters, furniture and interior joinery to give an extra durable finish.

Woodoc 25 can be customised with our add-in wood stains and colours to achieve the desired colour while still showing the grain of the wood.