Wood Care and Maintenance
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Woodoc Colour Tester for Wood


These samples are intended for testing the Woodoc Colours and Stain Concentrates to see how they will look on the wood where they will be used. The colour is in Woodoc Water-borne Floor (WB25) and testing has shown that this gives a good representation of how the colour will look in other Woodoc Water-borne and Solvent Based sealers/finishes such as W25, W20, W10, W5, W30, W50 etc.

Note that Woodoc Colours and Stain Concentrates are calibrated for a three-coat application and the intensity of colour will build up with each successive coat. For a less intense colour one or two coats of coloured sealer can be applied followed by clear coats of the same Woodoc sealer.


The testers are available for the wood colours:

Ebony, Imbuia, Meranti, Oak, Oregon, Rosewood, Teak and Yellowwood


Full Moon (White), Clifton Grey, Sliver Birch and Beaufort Grey.


Download: Instructions for use