Wood Care and Maintenance
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Woodoc Wood Stain Concentrate


Woodoc Stain Concentrates make it easy to stain and seal wood in one step. They can be added to any of the Woodoc solvent borne wood finishes to enhance the colour of the wood.

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For direct application wood stains have a look at our Gel Stains which are applied to bare wood, are easy to use offering precise control of application and intensity.

Choose from eight natural wood colours - Ebony, Imbuia (Like Walnut), Meranti, Oak, Oregon, Rosewood, Teak and Yellowwood.

The colour is translucent so you always see the grain of the wood and the pigments used are non-fading and will give added UV protection to the wood.

Add one 20ml bottle of Stain Concentrate per 1 Litre of Woodoc finish or one 100ml bottle per 5 Litres of Woodoc finish.

Add 20ml in 1 Litre and 100ml in 5 Litre.

Compatible with W5, W10, W20, W25, W25MAT, W30, W50, W50MAT, Woodoc Wood Dressing.

Not compatible with Woodoc water borne finishes, W25W (Water borne floor), WBM (Water borne Marine sealer) WBD (Water borne deck).